by Su Turhan

Ayla, an independent young Turkish-German woman, falls in love with Ayhan, who is involved in a murderous plan to restore his family's honor…

Ayla is young, beautiful and self-confident. But she's also Turkish, a Muslim woman in Germany, who has had to fight against her conservative family to live the way she wants to. Though she's a beloved kindergarten teacher, her night job in a bar, along with her rejection of an arranged marriage, has poisoned her relationship with her father, who refuses to see her. Trying to mediate between the two is Hülya, Ayla's sister, who accepts the restrictions of her Turkish-Muslim world. When Ayla meets Ayhan, she feels that he may just be the right man for her, but slowly discovers that he is involved in a murderous plan to restore his family's honor: his sister Hatice has left her unloved husband in Turkey and is trying to raise her little daughter alone in Germany. It is at the kindergarten that Hatice meets Ayla, who soon realizes that her new friend, along with her daughter, is in danger. Pursued by her own family, Hatice finds refuge with Ayla, who is dismayed to learn that Hatice's brother is none other than Ayhan! Although he is against punishing his sister, he is the eldest son, and the task falls to him... Ayhan tries in vain to talk to her and convince her to return to her husband in Turkey. He also begs Ayla to believe him when he says he would never harm his sister, and tries to smooth his hot-headed younger brother Mehmet. But then Mehmet takes things into his own hands. And Ayla feels that this time she must put her life on the line for another woman's freedom.

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / German / 90 minutes
Original title
directed by
Su Turhan
produced by
Burkert Bareiss Production by TV 60 Film in co-production with SWR, BR, Arte and Goldkind Film Production
  • Pegah Ferydoni (WOMEN WITHOUT MEN)
  • Mehdi Moinzadeh
  • Timur Isik
  • Saskia Vester
  • Türkiz Talay