by Lancelot von Naso

Thanks to a ceasefire during the Iraq war, two doctors and a reporter team are planning to deliver desperately needed supplies to an abandoned hospital in Falluja.

Baghdad. The official war is over, but everyday life is an endless catastrophe. The situation in Falluja is particularly desolate: hardly any food supplies left, no medicine, medical care in shambles. In the midst of this dramatic situation, the U.S. forces reach an agreement with the rebels: a 24-hour ceasefire. KIM (Thekla Reuten), the Dutch member of an international aid organization, is planning a transport of badly needed supplies to a hospital in the war zone with ALAIN (Matthias Habich), a doctor. Assisting them is OLIVER (Maximilian von Pufendorf), a young journalist who hopes to finally land a spectacular story. Forming a community of conflicting interests, the three very different idealists all want to save lives. But first they have to save their own...

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / German / 107 minutes
Original title
directed by
Lancelot von Naso
produced by
DRIFE Deyle & Richter Filmproduktionin co-production with DCM MitteProductions and ERFTTAL Film &Fernsehproduktion, ZDF and ARTE
  • Thekla Reuten (THE AMERICAN)
  • Matthias Habich
  • Hannes Jaenicke
  • Maximilian von Pufendorf
  • chadat Husam

Press Quotes

"...a tense, credible war-zone odyssey...the expertly crafted pic balances gritty on-the-ground realism with character drama just nuanced enough to avoid cliche."

"An exciting film, without intrusive handwriting, with tempo and brilliant acting … There is not one dead moment in the script."

"CEASEFIRE masterfully blends mainstream with an excellent artistic perspective. This is exactly the mix that you need to make a good film today – and that's so hard to find."