by Eran Riklis

Two women trapped in a safehouse where nothing is safe and no one can be trusted.Based on “The Link” by Shulamit Hareven

LEMON TREE meets JOHN LE CARRÉ in a subtle thriller set in Germany involving Mona, a Lebanese woman (Golshifteh Farahani), and Naomi, an Israeli Mossad agent (Neta Riskin) sent to protect their informant while recovering from plastic surgery for her new identity. Mona and Naomi - together for two weeks in a quiet apartment in Hamburg. A safe house. A shelter. No one saw what was coming, no one knew that this supposedly quiet fortnight would turn into an abyss and that shelter would need to be found elsewhere. The intimacy of the relationship that develops between the two women is exposed to the threat of terror that is engulfing the world today. In this game of deception, beliefs are questioned and choices are made that are not their own. And yet their fate takes a surprising turn in this suspense-laden, elegant neo-noir.

Genre / Language / Length
Thriller / English, Hebrew, Arabic / 93 minutes
Original title
directed by
Eran Riklis (LEMON TREE)
produced by
Heimatfilm, Riva Film, Eran Riklis Productions and MACT Productions in co-production with ARTE France Cinema, ZDF-ARTE
  • Neta Riskin (SHTISEL)
  • Lior Ashkenazi (WALK ON WATER, NORMAN)
  • Haluk Bilginer (WINTER SLEEP)
  • Yehuda Almagor (PLAYOFF)
  • Mark Waschke (DARK)

Press Quotes

“An outstanding work”MARLYN VINIG“Rewarding, compelling and entertaining”THE JERUSALEM POST