You Can't Save Yourself Alone

by Sergio Castellitto

Gaetano and Delia, a separated couple, try to pick up the pieces of their once overwhelming and now broken love... But can you save yourself alone?

Gaetano and Delia meet for dinner to discuss the terms of the holiday break of their children. The meal immediately turns into an emotionally charged reflection of the last 10 years which led the separated couple to this sad but realistic point. Throughout several flashbacks, we see the two recount their past, from good to bad, from passionate lovemaking and discovering each other to bitter misunderstandings and stealthily alienation. But a heated exchange is morphed into an honest contemplation of their relationship. Did it suffer the common tragic effects of time, selfishness and insecurity? And wasn‘t it rooted in the best intentions? It becomes clear that these two were really in love. Even though they are trying to start new lives, the wounds are still fresh enough to not get over their lives together. But at the end of the encounter, a new dawn gives way to new hope for Delia and Gaetano, sealed even with a kiss between them...

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / Italian / 103 minutes
Original title
Nessuno si salva da solo
directed by
Sergio Castellitto
produced by
Indiana Production Company in co-production with Wildside, RAI Cinema and Alien Produzioni
  • Riccardo Scamarcio (MY BROTHER IS AN ONLY CHILD)
  • Jasmine Trinca (THE GUNMAN, SAINT LAURENT)
  • Anna Galiena (JAMON, JAMON)
  • Angela Molina