Too Hard to Handle

by Laura Lackman

A tragicomedy about love, life and therapy in Berlin - like a Woody Allen in high spirits.

It's no surprise when Karo is fired. She is loud, over-emotional and egocentric, more so than the average Berliner wise-ass, says her best friend Anna. Karo is not one to give up easily, though: she opts for radical change and goes into therapy. Although her therapist advises her to keep calm, Karo throws herself into it. She wants to be a ‘super patient', catch up on the mourning she hasn't done, put her mother on the spot and break up with her boyfriend Philipp. But it's all too much in one go, her witty facade breaks and she slides into a depressive mood, to the extent that neither her closest confidant Max nor her grandmother Bille can help her. It is only when her mother takes Karo in that she slowly pulls herself together again. She now declares war on her crisis, because ‘depression is a f***ing event.'

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / German / 111 minutes
Original title
directed by
Laura Lackman
produced by
Ufa Fiction in co-production with rbb, Ufa Cinema and Cine Plus in collaboration with arte
  • Claudia Eisinger
  • Katja Riemann (SUCK ME SHAKESPEER)
  • Barbara Schöne (BALTIC STORM)
  • Laura Tonke (SCHNEIDER IS STUCK)
  • Emelie Harbrecht
  • Maximilian Meyer-Bretschneider
  • Christoph Letkowski (WETLANDS)
  • Maren Kroymann

Press Quotes

“Hits the Zeitgeist nail on the head of female self-discovery"