The Bloom of Yesterday

by Chris Kraus

Featuring two times Cesar-winner Adèle Heanel (THE UNKNOWN GIRL) and Lars Eidinger (PERSONAL SHOPPER).

Totila Blumen is a Holocaust researcher. As such, he has no sense of fun. This applies in a general sense and specifically when his colleagues try to turn an Auschwitz conference into a corporate-sponsored media event. In the process, they trample all over the memory of the recently deceased Professor Norkus – whom Totila revered. On top of all this, Totila is lumped with an intern: a very young and irritating French student named Zazie. As she follows Totila like a puppy and has a fling with his boss, the otherwise serious and measured academic becomes a nervous wreck.But it's no good moaning about it – certainly not to his stressed wife, who demands that he gripe less and learn to accept what his life has to offer. And so Totila ploughs on with his work, aided by the overwrought, eccentric Zazie. She, however, appears to have an agenda of her own – and it's closely related to Totila's background and well-guarded family secret.

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / German / 123 minutes
Original title
Die Blumen von gestern
directed by
Chris Kraus (FOUR MINUTES)
produced by
Dor Film and Four Minutes in collaboration with SWR, ARD Degeto, NDR, ORF, BR and HR
  • Adele Haenel (THE UNKNOWN GIRL)
  • Lars Eidinger (DYING, PERSIAN LESSONS)
  • Hannah Herzsprung (FOUR MINUTES, THE READER)

Press Quotes

As audacious but uneven as you'd imagine an offbeat romantic comedy exploring the legacy of the Holocaust two generations on would be.

Appallingly funny… of a brilliance and pace that rivals Woody Allen.