by Andrzej Jakimowski

Ian, a special instructor for the visually impaired, has been hired by a Lisbon school to help blind children and young adults become more confident and self-reliant. However, his unusual teaching methods are not only challenging, but also dangerous...

Young students huddle together on a bench in the glaring sun, clutching their white canes, listening for the signs that can let them put together the puzzle of their existence – they are the blind children and young adults of a world-renowned specialized Lisbon clinic.Ian, their new spatial orientation instructor, wants to leave traditional boundaries behind and help them explore their surroundings without feeling vulnerable or frightened.Through unconventional means, he aims to stimulate their curiosity and imaginations. Ian quickly wins their trust, prompting him to attempt challenges with a greater element of risk. His two most eager students are the adults Eva and Serrano, who experience an adrenaline surge when they leave their safe, quiet clinic for the streets of the busy metropolis. But while Eva boldly leaves her cane behind and tries to mask her blindness, enjoying a flirt in a café, Serrano has doubts that Ian is being truthful. Is the image of the world that Ian is conveying to his students real?

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / English / 105 minutes
Original title
directed by
Andrzej Jakimowski (TRICKS)
produced by
Zjednoczenie Artystow i Rzemieslnikow Sp. z o.o., KMBO Production, Filmes do Tejo in co-production with Film and Music Entertainment, Canal + Cyfrowy, WFDiF
  • Edward Hogg (ANONYMOUS)
  • Alexandra Maria Lara (RUSH, DOWNFALL)
  • Melchior Derouet
  • Francis Frappat

Press Quotes

“The film is a vision, so to speak, of the world of the blind, and that's more than just a movie - it's a gift.” 4.5/5

“This is truly a film that you experience, with laughter, tears, and pure wonder.”
Toronto Film Scene

“Is IMAGINE essential tiff viewing? This one is worth the wait in a rush line just for the different way viewers will experience the film. The outstanding performance of Edward Hogg and the positive, inspiring message that the film carries are the icing on the cake.”
Toronto Film Scene