Orange Honey

by Imanol Uribe

Spain, 1950. In a society permeated by fear and held in check by terror, a young government employee realizes that he can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch innocent people be sentenced to death. It is the beginning of a dangerous double life, in which love, loyalty and betrayal become matters of life and death...

Andalusia in the early 1950s: Twelve years of "Peace" have transpired but Franco continues to impose a medieval religious state.A trial is about to begin in a military court. The public prosecutor requests the death penalty and the court withdraws to deliberate. But then enrique, a young clerk, realizes that the sentence has already been decided beforehand. His hands are tied, however, since the judge, Don Eladio, is not only his superior but also the uncle of his fiancée Carmen. One day, a friend of enrique's, Don José, is arrested and charged with inciting rebellion. When Don José is condemned to death and shot, Enrique realizes that he, too, must now take up the struggle against the culture of injustice spreading through Spain. As he becomes active in the rebel movement, he meets a partisan named Miel, a beautiful woman whose son Fernando is being held in a concentration camp. Little by little, Enrique discovers that not only one of Don Eladio's assistants is on the side of the rebels, but also enrique's fiancée Carmen, who is the head of the rebels. In a complex and dangerous mission, the rebels free the captive Fernando. Although their mission is a success, they must now escape from Spain – a plan that is foiled by a shepherd who has observed the operation and given them away…

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / Spanish / 100 minutes
Original title
Miel de Naranjas
directed by
Imanol Uribe (CAROL'S JOURNEY)
produced by
Alta Producción and Fado Filmes with participation of TVE
  • Iban Garate
  • Blanca Suarez (THE SKIN I LIVE IN)
  • Karra Elejalde (EVEN THE RAIN)
  • Eduard Fernández (BIUTIFUL)
  • Carlos Santos (EVEN THE RAIN)
  • Nora Navas (BLACK BREAD)