Men in the City II

by Simon Verhoeven

THE German box office hit from the producers of THE LIVES OF OTHERSWhile sorting out their chaotic relationships, the “men in the city” run into new, amusing and sometimes absurd obstacles on their rocky road to happiness.

Our six prototypes of the stronger sex are back in the ring for Round Two! Philip's on a roll: he's opened his eco-café “Life” which is going so well that he's planning to open a second shop. He has also moved into a big, beautiful apartment with Nina, who is about to give birth to twins. Niklas, once a high-powered ad man, is touching bottom after he loses both job and girlfriend. All he can do is dream of getting back with Maria, who has since become the star of a hit TV series. Music producer and ex-womanizer Jerome has grown more introspective. Returning to his past in the provinces – and to his parents – he is trying to find a new meaning to his former high-flying life. Only pop star Bruce is exploding with energy: after discovering the Internet, he works himself into an adolescent frenzy and hopes his new song “The Really, Really Big Love” will be carried Really, Really far out into the world on the wings of the Internet. Günther, the business-inspection official, is still working on himself and his maleness, a project demanded of him by his girlfriend Susanne. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Roland is sitting out his prison term for having thrown Günther to the crocodiles for dinner. Roland hopes to be released early and struggles to win the affection of his son. A jumble of fates and lies and truths is wildly tossed and shaken – yet in spite of all the rollicking humor, it touches us Really, Really deeply through something all these men have in common: decency and good faith!

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / German / 112 minutes
Original title
Men in the City II
directed by
Simon Verhoeven
produced by
Wiedemann & Berg Film
  • Florian David Fitz (VINCENT WANTS TO SEA)
  • Justus von Dohnanyi (DOWNFALL)
  • Christian Ulmen (ELEMENTARY PARTICLES)
  • Wotan Wilke Möhring (25 km/h)

Press Quotes

The comedy of the year

Witty, charming, worth seeing

Simon Verhoeven lands a winner with satire and empathy

The second part of ‘Men in the City' is something rare: it's better than the original
Berliner Morgenpost