8 Mar2021

I'm Your Man - Early Reactions

Early Reactions

“Immensely enjoyable, intriguing and complex.” “The film has an arthouse breakout potential, which might rival that of the similarly female-led German comedy Toni Erdman.”
“Astute casting, of which the German-fluent Stevens is a stand out, will be a key selling point.”

(Screen International)

“Maria Schrader makes a witty, thought-provoking return to features in this fusion of science fiction and modern romance.”
“Schrader’s beguiling Berlinale competition entry could cultivate a substantial audience in international art houses — abetted by the rising profile of its helmer (fresh from her Emmy win for Netflix’s “Unorthodox”) and the canny casting of British heartthrob Dan Stevens as a boyfriend entirely too good to be human.”
“Stevens is a wry revelation, progressing from rigid, unworldly physical comedy to near-living, breathing emotional turmoil, programmed or otherwise.”


“There’s no doubt about it, it’s all in the eyes: an ice-blue stare, locked on you, promising satisfaction and loyalty without asking for anything in return. That’s what love is, and Dan Stevens is the humanoid robot here to give it to us.”
“German actress Maria Schrader returns to directing for her third feature, undoubtedly her most well-rounded, exciting work yet.”
“The script, co-written by Jan Schomburg, is what catapults I’m Your Man beyond comparison, into something diamond-sharp – witty, hopeful, wry, sincere, and sly all at once.”
“Schrader’s thoughtful romantic study digs into mundane neuroses and existential fears with wisdom, and empathy, making sure to keep you guessing long after Alma and Tom have stopped gazing into each other’s eyes. Romantic yet level-headed, charming but always clear-eyed.”

(The Playlist)

“When the odd couple begins to cohabit, the robot is a catalyst for self-reflection and self-doubt in this comedy-drama that’s as thought-provoking as it is funny.”
“Schrader draws sharp character comedy out of the premise, aided by terrific performances.”
“British actor Dan Stevens — speaking fluent German with an English accent — is a consistently amusing physical performer, while Toni Erdmann star Sandra Hüller puts in an enjoyable turn as his handler. But Eggert is the star of this show. She communicates Alma’s exasperation, frustration and soul-searching in a way that delicately balances comedy and drama.”
“The female lead gives the story more than just a fresh spin. It’s a chance to ponder on the psychology of attraction from the perspective of a professional woman with a complex interior life, free from the testosterone that drives many examples in the genre. And in an age of isolation, social media and online dating, I’m Your Man seems startlingly relevant.”


“Dan Stevens is a soulful robot in winsome romance from ‘Unorthodox’ director.”
“Eggert, whose stern, tired expression eventually gives way to the deep sorrow beneath the surface, grounds the character’s transition into credible emotion.”
“The movie’s thematic trajectory crystallizes in a bittersweet third act, as a series of poetic moments draw the story back to the roots of Alma’s struggles, and suggest that no perfect code can solve her problems when the best antidote is her own ability to talk them through.” (IndieWire)
“A gorgeous romantic comedy that explores ever deeper questions as the plot progresses.”

(Blickpunkt Film)

“Tom is perfectly cast, as Stevens narrowly borders on the threshold of uncanny valley with perfect timing and body language. His stilted posture, swift movements, and uncomfortable stares also add a level of subtle connotation to the illusion of artificial intelligence.”
“I’m Your Man is an energetic recount on the cycles of modern love.”

8 out of 10

“Dan Stevens is as perfect as can be in the role. Not only is his German perfect, but so are his mannerisms, his quirky robot tics, and his inability to act and feel human. It's not an over-the-top comedic performance, but Dan Stevens brings just the right amount of subtle "I am a robot" humor to the role that it made me burst out laughing multiple times.”
“It's a light and easily enjoyable film to watch, with a lovely piano-based score and gorgeous shots of Berlin.”
“Directed by Maria Schrader, I'm Your Man (originally Ich bin dein Mensch in German) is a charming, entertaining sci-fi romance with superb performances and a smart story about the grand complexity of love.”

(First Showing)

“Slick, sophisticated and satisfying this dating movie with a difference sees things from a distinctly female perspective exploring love and desire in a scenario may remind you of another recent German comedy Toni Erdmann which also starred Sandra Huller as a put-upon professional.”
“Maria Schrader directs with supreme confidence adapting her script from a book by Emma Braslavsky, and adding a suggestive cinematic spin to her intuitive grasp of the subtle dynamics of love and dating, and the chemistry behind acting, in a film that reflects the reality that love relies just as much on the lows as the highs to be emotionally fulfilling for the human psyche.”
“Maren Eggert is superb as the thinking woman’s love interest in a performance that is fraught with emotion as well as thoughtful dignity, never resorting to histrionics or melodrama.”
“Benedict Neuenfels makes this a pleasure to look at with his lush summery landscapes of Germany and Denmark.”
“But the film belongs to Dan Stevens who gives a nuanced performance in a difficult role as a robot that teeters between the ideal emotionally intelligent man and a geeky robotic guy you may even and have dated yourself and eventually grown to love – and even fancy – for his truly masculine take on life.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★