Men in the City

by Simon Verhoeven

They fight. They love. They panic.

If love is a battlefield, you have to be in shape to come out of it alive. So what better place is there to get ready for a showdown with Cupid than a gym? Five prototypes of the male species have turned a Berlin gym into an experimental terrain for friendship, fitness and frustration, a kind of demilitarized zone where love is analyzed, dissected, deconstructed and sweated out of every pore. Jerome is the alpha male, oozing self-assurance, his steeled abs literally reaching out for success. He still gets every girl he wants - just not the lucrative contracts in his job as music producer. In fact, things have gotten so bad that he's had to take on the over-the-top pop singer Bruce Berger, who's on a mission to stamp out hunger in the world through his sugar-coated lyrics. The very opposite of Jerome is Günther, who collects tips from his gym acquaintance on how to seduce women. Günther needs every tip he can get, since he's a civil servant with a boring job - and looks every bit like one. Currently in his sights is supermarket employee Susanne, who wants a divorce from her husband Roland. Another denizen of the gym club, Roland keeps to himself and screams out his repressed emotions while working out. Talking about them might help more: a former subway driver who was traumatized in a fatal incident, he is unable to function normally and nurtures an aggressiveness that's headed towards an explosion. The two pals Philip and Niklas are a study in contrasts. Philip, the eternal student, has been fired from his trainee job and wants to open a health-food restaurant. Niklas is an advertising and PR ace. What they both share are women problems: three weeks into a new relationship, the penniless Philip finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant. Niklas, meanwhile, is set to marry his sweetheart, but starts getting cold feet at the thought of tying the knot - and begins an affair with a younger woman...Are men the strong sex? These five - sensitive, vulnerable, often intolerable - ask themselves this question as they stumble from one misadventure to another, from one woman to another, until they learn a very valuable lesson: that you have to fight for the woman you love. Even if you have take on a crocodile single-handedly!

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / German / 107 minutes
Original title
directed by
Simon Verhoeven
produced by
Wiedemann & Berg Film production
  • Christian Ulmen (ELEMENTARY PARTICLES)
  • Wotan Wilke Möhring (25 km/h)

Press Quotes

"Romantic, comical, forcefull! For any evaluation of the topic man, this movie is a must-see, honestly!"

"Fast-paced rom-com with well timed jokes and plenty of emotion."

"...a guy film for women...a comedy about daily chaos of our dreams, possibilitie and limitations. A love story you just have to love."