by Jean Renoir

"Miss Magnani is perfect in timing and verve as the very personification of robust femininity." (Variety)

This light-hearted comedy takes us to 18th-century Spanish South America, where a band of Italian strolling players has come to perform. The lusty Camilla, the troupe's fiery prima donna, soon turns to the head of the regent, who is bored with his office and his mistress. To prepare for an impending war, the regent demands great financial sacrifices from the local aristocrats. But when he gives Camilla his official golden coach, the noblemen rebel and ask the bishop to despose him. Camilla saves the day by giving the coach to the bishop, whom she realizes is even more enamored of luxury than either sheo or the regent.

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / Italian, French / 105 minutes
directed by
Jean Renoir
produced by
Produced by Panaria Films, Delphinus, Hoche Productions, producer Francesco Alliata
  • Anna Magnani
  • Duncan Lamont
  • Ricardo Rioli
  • Odoardo Spadaro
  • Paul Campbell
  • George Higgins
  • Gisella Mathews