Melodies Of Spring

by Martin Walz

To sing a song is to speak the language of emotions...

ANNA is an elementary school teacher and a nervous wreck who cannot keep her students under control. THILO is an actor, albeit mainly on his business card. To earn money, he sells wine in a call center, or, to be more precise, he tries to... One day their mutual friends VALERIE and MORITZ play fate and bring the two together. But this, too, goes awry when Anna suffers a minor nervous breakdown. Thilo, however, falls in love – head over heels! But before they can waltz towards a happy end, they first have to solve their own problems, look reality in the eye and admit to themselves that they have to change something in their lives. Little by little, Anna and Thilo find the way to themselves and to one another. For with love and music, life writes its most beautiful stories...

Genre / Language / Length
Romantic Comedy / German / 90 minutes
Original title
directed by
Martin Walz
produced by
Produced by X Film Creative Pool in coproduction with Seven Pictures
  • Jan Henrik Stahlberg
  • Alexandra Neldel
  • Gode Benedix
  • Inga Busch
  • Gedeon Burkhard