The End is my Beginning

by Jo Baier

Starring Bruno Ganz (DOWNFALL) and Elio Germano (MY BROTHER IS AN ONLY CHILD)An unusual story about the relationship between father and son, based on a best selling novel.

Tiziano Terzani, long-time Spiegel magazine Asia correspondent and renowned author, invites his son Folco to his retreat, a small mountain village northwest of Florence. It turns into a very special visit: Tiziano is seriously ill with cancer and wants to tell his son the story of his life in the time remaining before his death.Tiziano and Folco talk every day, reflecting on their own lives, discussing society, modern times, young people and the world. But death is omnipresent and thus a central theme of the film. With an impressive lightness, Tiziano, his son and Tiziano's wife meet the nearing end without quarrelling or complaining. Tiziano labels death a friend, as “the one new thing that can still happen to me.” An unusual story about the relationship between father and son, the fascinating life of Tiziano Terzani and, above all, bidding farewell.

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / German, Italian / 94 minutes
Original title
Das Ende ist mein Anfang
directed by
produced by
collina filmproduktion GmbH in co-production with B.A. Produktion GmbH, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Südwestrundfunk, ARTE, Degeto Film in cooperation with Beta Film GmbH and RAI Cinema
  • Bruno Ganz (THE PARTY, DOWNFALL)
  • Erika Pluhar
  • Andrea Osvart (MATERNITY BLUES)
  • Gianni Cavina

Press Quotes

“A film about dying that gives one the strength to live, for the only thing that really matters is the Here and Now. You don't leave the theater depressed, but with the knowledge of being able to change something, and to go one's own way.”

"A quiet, almost documentary chamber play about the art of letting go. Shot on original locations, it unfolds great, emotional cinema from the power of the images and the words. Should be seen."

"It is fascinating and tear-inducing to accompany Bruno Ganz on this great journey. How he manages to capture the public's attention only with his eyes and to disappear before our very eyes – this is supreme, award-worthy acting.”