Killing is My Business, Honey

by Sebastian Niemann

Good money, flexible hours, plenty of human contact

"Good money, flexible hours, plenty of human contact" - hitman Toni Ricardelli has a great job. He also has a big mouth and can't stop telling people about his occupation. Few people believe him, but it does put a bit of a damper on his romantic rendezvous. And though he's a real charmer and, well, a lady-killer, he yearns for a steady girlfriend. Toni's been contracted to dispatch the reclusive Enrico Puzzo, an ex-Mafioso whose memoirs are about to be published by Kimbel & Son. The Kimbel "Son" Bob lives in permanent fear of his tyrannical father, a situation only slightly alleviated by the psychiatrist who's always at his side. When Puzzo doesn't show up at a press conference, Bob sends his PR lady and fiancée Julia to lure the sensitive author from his Italian hideaway with a fat check.Toni is also in hot pursuit of Puzzo, whom he kills just moments before Julia appears on the scene and mistakes Toni for Puzzo. Hey, a gorgeous woman, a check for 500,000 euros - he'd be a fool to set things straight. So he decides to stand in for Puzzo, unaware that he's slipping into the shoes of a man whom big-time Mafia boss Marino wants dead. So dead that he's sending out an entire armada of killers to do away with the alleged Puzzo before his tell-all memoirs appear in print. Among them is Toni's old friend and fellow hitman Helmut, who cheerfully blasts away at Toni while telling him not to take it personally...In spite of her imminent marriage to Bob, Julia clearly feels much more than professional interest in Toni, especially when he thwarts one ambush after another with grace and ease. But with Bob contracting a private eye to get rid of his rival, and Toni being hounded by a variety of hitmen and hitwomen, it's time to clear up this inconvenient misunderstanding. Even Toni has to admit that, all in all, he prefers being the killer than the victim...

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / German / 100 minutes
Original title
Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling
directed by
Sebastian Niemann
produced by
Rat Pack Filmproduktion in co-production with Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany, B.A. Produktion, Babelsberg Film, Beta Film and Erfttal Film
  • Rick Kavanian (HUI BUH - THE GOOFY GHOST)
  • Nora Tschirner (RABBIT WITHOUT EARS)
  • Franco Nero
  • Bud Spencer

Press Quotes

"A super-slick "Pink Panther"-ish crowdpleaser, recalling the Universal Studio look of the late ?50s/ early ?60s."