Il Divo

by Paolo Sorrentino

Winner of the Jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival 2008

In Rome, at dawn, when everyone is sleeping, one man is awake. That man is Giulio Andreotti. He's awake because he has to work, write books, move in fashionable circles and, last but not least, pray.Calm, crafty and inscrutable, Andreotti is synonym of power in Italy for over four decades. At the beginning of the nineties, this impassive yet insinuating, ambiguous yet reassuring figure appears set to assume his seventh mandate as Prime Minister without arrogance and without humility.Approaching seventy, Andreotti is a gerontocrat who, with all the attributes of God, is afraid of no one and does not know the meaning of awe, since he is accustomed to seeing it stamped on the faces of all his interlocutors. His satisfaction is muted, impalpable. For him, satisfaction is power, with which he has a symbiotic relationship. Power the way he likes it. Unwavering and immutable, from the outset. He emerges unscathed from everything: electoral battles, terrorist massacres, slanderous accusations.He is untouched by it all, unchanging. Until the strongest counter power in Italy, the mafia, declares war on him. Then things change. perhaps even for the enigmatic, immortal Andreotti.But the question is: do they really change or only appear to? We can be sure of one thing: it is difficult to tarnish Andreotti, the man who knows the ways of the world better than any of us.

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / Italian / 117 minutes
Original title
Il Divo
directed by
Paolo Sorrentino
produced by
Indigo Film, Lucky Red and Parco Film in co-production with Babe Film
  • Toni Servillo (IL DIVO, GOMORRA)
  • Anna Bonaiuto
  • Ennio Fantastichini
  • Carlo Buccirosso
  • Piera degli Esposti
  • Paolo Graziosi
  • Fanny Ardant

Press Quotes

"SENSATIONAL! Ranks alongside the best of Scorsese and Coppola."
New York Times

"A fascinating portrait, thrilling and surprisingly funny."
New York Observer

"A fearless, invigorating film."
Los Angeles Times

"CRITIC'S PICK! A thoroughly rewarding journey through modern political gangsterism."
New York Magazine