Orange Girl

by Eva Dahr

Based on Jostein Gaarder's ("Sophie's World") novel translated into 42 languages

GEORG ROED receives a long letter from his father JAN OLAV on his 16th birthday. However, Jan Olav died from cancer 12 years earlier. He wrote the letter on his deathbed, and deposited it with a lawyer. Georg is on his way to the Norwegian mountains for a skiing holiday, and he reluctantly brings the letter with him. What he does not know, is that the letter will probably change his life.In the letter, Jan Olav tells the amazing story of his hunt for the mysterious Orange Girl, who he first set eyes on on a streetcar at the age of 21, in 1982. She carries a paper bag filled with oranges, and she disappears without a trace. Jan Olav sets out to find her, which he does, only to see her disappear again. And again. It becomes unclear who is chasing who, until the chase ends in Seville, under the orange trees. The story has a happy ending, and a tragic one. In his letter Jan Olav asks some basic existential questions, to which Georg has to find own his personal answers.

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / Norwegian / 100 minutes
Original title
Appelsin Piken
directed by
Eva Dahr
produced by
Helgeland Film in coproduction with Tradewind Pictures
  • Mikel Bratt Silset
  • Harald Thompson Rosenström
  • Annie Nygaard
  • Rebekka Karijord
  • Emilie K. Beck

Press Quotes

"The Orange Girl marries grief and love in a beautiful and well acted film that will touch broad audiences regardless of sex and age."
TV2 Norway