Tell - A Swiss Myth

by Mike Eschmann

The satirical deconstruction of a national hero in the land of mountains, cheese and chocolate...

In the year 1291, when the Swiss were fighting against their pompous Austrian neighbors for independence, a small rag-tag band of freedom fighters attempted to make a stand.Enter the Swiss hero WILLIAM TELL. Actually, not only was he not Swiss, but he was far from a hero. He was a scoundrel that roamed the countryside selling a phony remedy that supposedly returned beauty to women past their prime...Caught by the freedom fighters, he's offered freedom - and a Swiss pass - if he succeeds in destroying the defenses of the Austrian castle ruled by the Roman Governor GESSLER.As Tell stumbles off to complete his mission, he encounters a weird Eskimo prince; he saves a fair damsel in distress and despite his inept bumbling - or because of it - he manages to change the course of Swiss- Austrian relations forever...This is the real story.

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / German / 100 minutes
Original title
directed by
Mike Eschmann
produced by
Produced by Zodiac Pictures Ltd. in coproduction with MMCI Independent, Impuls Home Entertainment, Swiss Television and Teleclub
  • Mike Müller
  • Axel Stein
  • Christian Tramitz (MANITOU'S SHOE)