Rascals on the Road

by Michael Steiner

Four of the most mischief-minded kids on their search for the King of Rascals

12 year-old Eugen, his best friend Wrigley, the pudgy Eduard and the meek Basti…together they create more havoc in one summer than an unsuspecting Switzerland is ever likely to forget…It's just before the beginning of summer in 1964. Eugen and Wrigley, in their typical practical joker style, almost destroy a medieval suit of armor during a class trip to the Natural History Museum, leaving Franz's parents stuck with the bill. They believe that the troublemaking Eugen is responsible, so the threat of boarding school – away from his best friend - now hangs heavily over Franz's head. The approaching summer looks like gloom and doom, until Wrigley discovers an ancient treasure map hidden in the cellar that once belonged to none other than that famous treasure hunter and King of the Rascals himself, Fritzli Bühler!No summer scout camp? Who cares! Forget about boarding school…forget about parents! If they can find Fritzli and then the treasure, they could do whatever they want!So begins a crazy bicycle journey, with Eduard and the half-willing Basti in tow, to find Fritzli in Zurich, leaving behind a chaotic trail of commotion.It's not long before half of the country is on their heels, but these four pranksters always manage to stay one step ahead. It's a summer of friendship, of non-stop mischief and wild fantasy; it's a summer that will stay with them all forever…

Genre / Language / Length
Family Entertainment / German / 104 minutes
Original title
Mein Name ist Eugen
directed by
Michael Steiner
produced by
Produced by Kontraproduktion AG in coproduction with C- FILMS AG and Schweizer Fernsehen DRS in association with Beta
  • Manuel Häberli
  • janic halioua
  • dominic hänni
  • alex niederhäuser
  • beat schlatter