Effi Briest

by Hermine Huntgeburth

In a world full of restraint, she chose the path to freedom.

At her parents' urging, Effi Briest, a free-spirited 17-year-old girl, marries Baron von Innstetten, nearly 20 years her senior - and a former admirer of Effi's mother. The arranged marriage spells the beginning of a monotonous existence for Effi far away from her hometown: Innstetten is entirely preoccupied with his political career and the sleepy artist town of Kessin on the Baltic Sea shore offers little excitement. Until Major Crampas arrives, one of Innstetten's military comrades and a charming womanizer. Effi starts a passionate affair with him and finally discovers what love is. But it comes at a steep price: the affair proves fatal for Crampas. Effi, on the other hand - unlike in Fontane's novel - deals with the consequences of her decisions and embarks on a new chapter in her life...

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / German / 118 minutes
Original title
Effi Briest
directed by
Hermine Huntgeburth (The White Masai)
produced by
Constantin Film Produktion
  • Sebastian Koch (THE LIVES OF OTHERS)
  • Juliane Köhler (TWO LIVES)
  • Thomas Thieme (THE LIVES OF OTHERS)

Press Quotes

"A gorgeous-looking pic... Jentsch
"Sophie Scholl"

, almost constantly onscreen, again gives a magnetic performance"