by Thomas Roth

Quit Living on Dreams

The film picturizes the life time career of Austria's greatest ever pop star Johannes Hölzel, better known as FALCO. As one of the precursors for white hip-hop artists around the world he had been also famous as a fashion icon during the 1980s. With his hit single "Rock me Amadeus", up until today, FALCO remains the only German Speaking Artist who has ever landed a Number One Hit in the American billboard charts. The biopic covers his life time story from his childhood to the discovery of his musical talent, his first stage appearances with Viennese bands such as "Hallucination Company" and "Spinning Wheel" to his gigantic break-through as an internationally successful artist around the globe. FALCO's complex character, his escape into drugs and fatal sexual affairs draw a picture of a sensitive man in the rough. In the end he was unable to cope with the enormous success of his music and parallel tragedies of his private life. FALCO's sudden and unexpected death on February 6th 1998 during a car accident in the Dominican Republic has made him a legend. 10 years after his death this Film remembers him as Austria's ever greatest pop star.

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / German / 90 minutes
Original title
Falco - Verdammt, wir leben noch!
directed by
Thomas Roth
produced by
Produced by MR Film and EOS in association with Beta Cinema
  • Manuel Rubey
  • Patricia Aulitzky
  • Christian Tramitz (MANITOU'S SHOE)
  • Grace Jones