by Yorgos Zois

A haunting love story by multiple award-winning Greek director Yorgos Zois (INTERRUPTION), starring Vangelis Mourikis (DIGGER, THE KING) and Angeliki Papoulia (DOGTOOTH, THE LOBSTER).

Radiant neurologist Katerina and Yannis, a former well-respected doctor, are heading off to a deserted seaside resort. Silence spreads in the car as they travel across sandy dunes in a windy autumn, matching the less-than-pleasant occasion: Yannis had been called to identify the victim of a tragic accident at the hospital of the small town. When the local policeman informs them that the victim's vehicle had plunged over the parapet of a stone bridge and leads them to the morgue, Katerina sees her worst suspicions confirmed. Together with Yannis, but also on her own nightly excursions to a mysterious, rustic beach bar called Arcadia, they begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together, revealing a haunting story of love, loss, acceptance and letting go.

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / Greek / 99 minutes
Original title
directed by
director of photography
Konstantinos Koukoulios, gsc (BROADWAY)
screenplay by
Konstantina KotzamaniYorgos Zois (INTERRUPTION)
produced by
Foss Productions S.A. & Homemade Films in co-production with Red Carpet
  • Vangelis Mourikis (THE KING, DIGGER, CHEVALIER)
  • Angeliki Papoulia (DOGTOOTH, THE LOBSTER)
  • Elena Topalidou
  • Nikolas Papagiannis (SILENT ROAD, ECHOES OF THE PAST)
  • Vangelis Evangelinos

Press Quotes

Atmospheric. Eerie. Exquisitely wistful. Zois strikes a delicate balance between the banal facts of grief and the inventive framework of a parallel supernatural story. An intriguing metaphysical fancy.
Screen International

A highly original film.
International Film Society

Vangelis Mourikis and Angeliki Papoulia become the soul of this melancholic ode to love. A unique story of love that goes beyond conventions. Instead of being a mundane procedural thriller, it becomes an emotionally mature investigation of truth.
High on Films

Almost a prime example of the Greek New Wave.Feels like a waking dream in limbo, like sleepwalking through the afterlife.

A standout film, adding a new layer to the genre by presenting a narrative that is both wholly original and recognizable. Emotionally intelligent and universally resonant.
Obviously Reviews

A film about love, loss, the acrobatics between here and there. Like a gentle, healing breeze from another world, that comes to embrace the soul -
Deutsche Welle

Artistic and visually poetic, symbolic but minimalist. Arcadia guides us with tenderness.
Loud and Clear

A haunting and layered film on grief from a unique perspective from both the living and the dead, in a mystifying and puzzling fashion. Zois steps forward in Greek cinema as an emerging voice.
Film Fest Report

A magnificent melody. An odyssey in the in-between world.
J Mag

A quiet, poignant crescendo about letting go. A cathartic take on acceptance.
Ion Cinema

It brings to mind Churchill's maxim of the Soviet Union: “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.
Film Euphoria

A daydream film, capable of looking at death without mercy or a sense of spectacle, covering it with poetry due to its simple inevitability.
Meio Armago Brazil

Zois' distinctive directorial signature is apparent for challenging and overturning genre conventions, bridging the real and the imagined.
Screen Anarchy

Angeliki Papoulia is once again marvellous.
Le Polyester

Trusts the audience's intelligence throughout. Lovely, minimalist film.
Journey into Cinema

A well mastered Mystery
Abus de Cine

An evocative tone poem about lovers separated by mortality … haunt the mind long after the credits roll. Zois emerges as a rising directorial talent to watch. An emotional, genre-defying deep dive exploring love's stubborn refusal to let go.

The second feature film from the director of "Interruption", is an otherworldly fantasy, worked with boldness and ingenuity.
Flix Greece

A cinema of great emotions. Arcadia is a unique case of a film which.. has no precedent in Greek cinema. A creator's film, one of those where everything is coordinated at the frequency required for this story to breathe, Arcadia will surprise many when it hits theaters.

Arcadia possesses those qualities to linger in a viewer's mind for a very long time, even haunt them.

Selected Festivals & Awards

74th Berlin International Film Festival