From Hilde, with Love

by Andreas Dresen

The stirring new film by multi-award-winning German auteur Andreas Dresen (Stopped on Track, Cloud 9, Grill Point) features Babylon Berlin-star Liv Lisa Fries in an all-consuming performance.

It was the most beautiful summer in Hilde's life. With it came the love she had never really believed in. When the last strawberries ripened in the garden, she was arrested - she was eight months pregnant. In the women's prison she gives birth to her son. Hilde suspects what might happen, but it is still a devastating blow when she receives her death sentence. When she first met her husband Hans, she is smitten while she still wonders if she can love him. Hans is politically active against the Nazis, has been in prison before and is still so strong and unbroken. With him, Hilde now also gets more involved in the far-flung, illegal group of artists, intellectuals and workers that will later be called the "Red Orchestra." But while Hans and the others do foolhardy things, radio the Soviet secret service and help the persecuted, Hilde only writes a few letters now and then, she is just a little light, she thinks. But in prison, they see her differently.

Genre / Language
Drama / German
Original title
In Liebe, Eure Hilde
directed by
Andreas Dresen (CLOUD 9)
director of photography
Judith Kaufmann
produced by
Pandora Film Produktion in co-production with rbb and arte in association with Ziegler Film, Iskremas Filmproduktion
  • Liv Lisa Fries (BABYLON BERLIN)
  • Johannes Hegemann
  • Lisa Wagner
  • Alexander Scheer (IN LOVE WITH LOU)