by Calin Peter Netzer

After "Child's Pose" and "Ana, Mon Amour", multiple award-winning Romanian director Calin Peter Netzer shows his distinctive signature again in this intimate, rapturous drama.

Dragos, a Romanian film director in his forties, decides to make a movie about his family's emigration to Germany in the 80s that followed his mother's extramarital affair. Because the emigration was done under suspicious conditions, Dragos investigates undercover, with help from his former girlfriend, Ilinca. The collaboration brings the two closer together, however complicating things with his fiancée. As Dragos delves deeper into his family's past, secrets come to light, leading to revelations about certain ties with the Secret Service. Trapped in his own story and with his fiancée announcing her pregnancy, Dragos must make a decision that will impact the future of everyone involved.

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / Romanian / 106 minutes
Original title
directed by
Calin Peter Netzer (CHILD'S POSE)
director of photography
Barbu BalasoiuAndrei Butica
produced by
Parada Film in co-production with Cinéma Defacto, Gaïjin, and Volos Films
  • Emanuel Pârvu
  • Iulia Lumânare
  • Ana Ciontea
  • Adrian Titieni
  • Victoria Ecaterina Moraru
  • Vlad Ivanov

Selected Festivals & Awards

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival