One for the Road

by Markus Goller

A deeply touching and distinctively authentic story about a young man finally facing his addiction to alcohol, set between Berlin's famous bars and sober therapy rooms. Lead actor Frederick Lau ( Victoria ) delivers an outstanding performance.

Although in self-denial about his drinking problem, Mark seems to have easily mastered life between his demanding job as a construction manager and rambunctious forays into Berlin‘s nightlife. That is, until he is stopped by the police one night, loses his license until he has passed a medical-psychological examination. Mark bets his best friend Nadim that he won‘t drink any alcohol until he gets his driving license back, but he hasn‘t reckoned with meeting “partner in crime“ Helena during the examination. At first Mark is confident of victory, but soon disillusionment follows in the truest sense of the word. Does Mark have to admit to himself that he has a more serious problem than he thought?

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / German / 115 minutes
Original title
One for the Road
directed by
Markus Goller
director of photography
Philip Peschlow, bvk
screenplay by
Oliver Ziegenbalg
produced by
Sunny Side Up Film in co-production with Pictures In A Frame, Sevenpictures Film, and Deutsche Columbia Pictures.
  • Frederick Lau (VICTORIA)
  • Nora Tschirner (RABBIT WITHOUT EARS)
  • Burak Yigit (VICTORIA, MUSTANG)
  • Friederike Becht (LABYRINTH OF LIES, THE READER)

Press Quotes

“Frederick Lau is terrific and authentic”

“Is it possible to tell a serious and funny story about alcohol abuse? Markus Goller succeeds.”
“A funny drunken story with a not-so-funny background… personal and accessible”
“The movie should hit a nerve.”
Josef Grübl, SZ

"Impressive““It is amazing how the film manages the impressive balancing act of never losing its humor and retaining lightness without being an airhead. Every scene dives deeper into the psyches of its big city protagonists who seem so lost and have a hole where the heart should be. An astounding film this is – it explores the possibilities of entertainment cinema, ...hits the right note, also thanks to a leading actor who follows his character boldly and with dead-on determination into the shallows, no matter how shameful.”
“One should also mention the meticulous care taken in production design, the spot-on song selection, the score by Oscar winner Volker Bertelmann, the atmospheric images by cinematographer Philip Peschlow… You can tell that filmmakers put intensive efforts into finding the right tone for "One for the Road", the right balance, and that nobody settled for the easiest way. And they succeeded! It is something one would wish for more often, especially for comedies from Germany.”
Blickpunkt Film

„Apt and witty“„Funny, and in many moments also profound“

“Laugh, cry, think and laugh again.”
“This movie has it all“

“Always entertaining and really thought-provoking”
RBB Radio Eins / Knut Elstermann

“A film with two great leading actors”
NDR Kultur / Anna Wollner

“A tragicomedy definitely worth seeing”
Film Rezensionen

"Absolutely worth a visit to the cinema"
Radio Energy

“A sensitive story to make you laugh and cry”
“The film approaches the subject of alcohol addiction with empathy and understanding, without pointing a finger.”
“It all happens in a very human way - sometimes thoughtful, sometimes funny, sometimes emotional.”