Impossibly Yours

by Torsten Fischer

Four people enter and leave one another's lives - at the risk of destroying their own...

Years ago, Marlene left her husband Leonhard, a serious, straitlaced district judge, and became the lover of Leonhard's best friend Jan, a physician. It has taken a long time for the wounds to heal, but the trio has succeeded in restoring its friendship, even if it is more tenuous than in the past... When Leonhard meets the pretty young student Anja, he is swept off his feet, and in no time at all the two are married. The two couples begin seeing each other regularly, even vacationing together. Anja, however, grows increasingly apathetic as it becomes clear to her that Leonhard will never give her the love she yearns for. When she and Jan make love one day, it seems like the logical result of a long development. They start an affair, and the cycle of lies and betrayal begins again. But this time history is not about to repeat itself...

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / German / 90 minutes
Original title
Der Liebeswunsch
directed by
Torsten Fischer
produced by
Produced by Allmedia Pictures, Heike Richter-Karstcoproduced by NDR, ORF, ARTE with backing from Filmstiftung NRW, Filmförderung Hamburg, nordmedia Fonds GmbH Niedersachsen and Bremen in association with Beta
  • Tobias Moretti (THE DARK VALLEY)
  • Barbara Auer (THE BOOK THIEF)
  • Ulrich Thomsen (THE CELEBRATION)