One Last Evening

by Lukas Nathrath

Anxiety, humor and poignancy resonate across generational and any other borders in this amazingly accomplished and inventive debut

In the standstill of the pandemic summer, a young couple wants a fresh start, moving from Hanover to Berlin. Lisa is an on-the-rise doctor bracing herself for a new position, Clemens is a talented but unsuccessful singer-songwriter crippled by self-doubts. To say goodbye, they host a dinner party in their now empty flat. But good friends cancel — and uninvited guests show up. As the attendees start eying each other's achievements, the evening slowly escalates, leading to an emotional crash that uncovers misunderstandings, rivalries, animosities and anxieties.

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / German / 90 minutes
Original title
Letzter Abend
directed by
Lukas Nathrath
director of photography
Philip Jestädt
screenplay by
Lukas NathrathSebastian Jakob Doppelbauer
produced by
Klinkerfilm supported by Nordmedia and local sponsoring
  • Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer
  • Pauline Werner
  • Susanne Dorothea Schneider
  • Nikolai Gemel
  • Isabelle von Stauffenberg
  • Valentin Richter
  • Julius Forster
  • Nils Rovira-Muñoz
  • Amelle Schwerk
  • Pascal Houdus

Press Quotes

"A first feature which delivers a scathing portrait of a success-obsessed society whose members mostly don‘t live up to their promise, especially in their own estimation."
"An often Excruciating tragedy-laced dramedy"

"An impressive feature debut for director/co-writer Lukas Nathrath. Handled with sensitivity and nuance"
Screen International

„A highly enjoyable, highly entertaining chamber drama.“

“One Last Evening has a baby-Vinterberg plot trajectory, with Philip Jestädt's panning camerawork taking in the night's journey from cordiality to acrimony.“

„Marvelous… The direction of the actors is exceptional… Focusing effectively on the crisis ofour immediate present"

"One Last Evening finds the right balance between biting wickedness, slapstick comedy and a sufficient dose of humanity."
Le Polyester

“Funny, precise, almost sociologically accurate...”

“It's great fun - and yet it's noticeably melancholic.”

"Each laugh and cringe is earned, and in the end you get the impression you did spend time with these people and understood most of them.“
Screen Anarchy

"The classic dinner table scene will go down in history as the little brother of the one from Thomas Vinterberg's Festen"

"Gloating reigns supreme in the deliberately uncomfortable Last Evening"
Het Parool

"Clemens is masterfully played by Sebastian Doppelbauer."
"A roller coaster of emotions."
"Dreams of the future and ghosts of the past collide in conversations and lead to unprecedented outbursts."
Nederlands Dagblad

"Wry and comic, relatable and absurd."
"It's an acid-sweet raid."
"Nathrath keeps the tone light and enjoyably chaotic."
De Volkskrant

"A nice balance between modesty and drama, thanks to a rock-solid screenplay and extraordinary acting"
"A clever, well-acted and empathetic film."
De Filmkrant

"Hits just the right tone."
VPRO Cinema

"The acting of all actors is as solid as a rock."
"Last Evening searches for a place under the skin and doesn't bore for a second."

Selected Festivals & Awards

Saarbrücken Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival
Rotterdam International Film Festival
Emden Norderney International Film Festival
Melbourne International Film Festival
Festival of German Films in Paris | Audience Award | awarded
Valladolid International Film Festival
Valladolid International Film Festival | Young Jury Award | awarded
Augenblick in Strasbourg | Best Film | awarded