Adios Buenos Aires

by German Kral

A subtle and charming tragicomic story set admits the political upheaval of the economic crises. Helmed by the director of the award-winning documentary Our Last Tango that delighted audiences around the world.

Buenos Aires, November 2001. Argentina is embroiled in crisis. The country‘s economy is stagnating and the peso is plunging deeper and deeper, while the anger and distrust of the Argentinian people towards their corrupt government is growing steadily. In the midst of these troubled times, the Vecinos de Pompeya – a five-piece tango band – are trying to keep their heads above water. They usually perform in a small, poorly attended pub and are often paid with empanadas instead of pesos. But what can they do? Leave the country? That‘s exactly what Julio the bandoneon player has in mind. He plans to emigrate to Germany together with his daughter Paula and his mother Dorothea. Julio sets about taking care of his last affairs in Buenos Aires – but he can‘t get away from the city so easily.

Genre / Language
Drama / Spanish
Original title
Adios Buenos Aires
directed by
screenplay by
Stephan PuchnerFernando CastetsGerman Kral
produced by
Lailaps Pictures, German Kral Filmproduktion
  • Diego Cremonesi
  • Marina Bellati
  • Regina Lamm
  • Manuel Vicente
  • Rafael Spregelburd
  • Carlos Portaluppi