Comedian Harmonists

by Joseph Vilsmaier

They conquered the world with their music

Berlin, 1927. Six ambitious young men join forces to pursue a unique creative vision. Through discipline and hard work, they soon master a repertoire or fousing a cappella tunes with lyrics ranging from sentimental to the utterly silly. Their success in Germany is echoed by triumphs abroad and recordings sold all over the world. And their lives become one big party, with all the women, cars and luxury they want. But while they ignore politics, politics do not ignore them. Three of the six Harmonists are Jewish, and thus unacceptable to the Nazis, who force them to break up. What began as one of the most enchanting success stories of the "roaring twenties" is destroyed by a barbarous ideology. The Nazis put an end to the Comedian Harmonists, but they cannot silence their voices...

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / German / 126 minutes
Original title
Comedian Harmonists
directed by
Joseph Vilsmaier
produced by
Produced by Perathon, Iduna, Bavaria, Senator, Televersal, Dor in association with Bavaria Film International and Beta
  • Heino Ferch (DOWNFALL)
  • Heinrich Schafmeister
  • Max Tidof
  • Ulrich Noethen (DOWNFALL)
  • Kai Wiesinger
  • Meret Becker (MUNICH)
  • Katja Riemann (SUCK ME SHAKESPEER)
  • Dana Vavrova
  • Otto Sander
  • GUENTER Lamprecht
  • Rolf Hoppe