Piece of My Heart

by Dana Nechushtan

Amsterdam, the 70ies, the true story of a friendship tested by the times and the toxic beauty of the ballet world: When Olga rises to stardom within the Royal Ballet, her best friend Irma has to watch as she succumbs more and more under the pressure of performance and the temptations of Amsterdam‘snightlife. Produced by internationally renowned Topkapi Films (Close, Another Round, Instinct, Girl)

While the young dancers Irma and Olga try to stand their ground in the demanding ballet world of 1970s Amsterdam, Olga's exceptional talent andlarger-than-life presence push her ahead of Irma. Olga loses more and more weight in order to conform to the strict ballet norms and even in the tiniestroles she makes a huge impression. While Irma must content herself with a position in the background, Olga is quickly promoted to soloist and beforeshe even turns twenty she is already an audience favourite and a star. But Olga soon discovers the dark side of her talent and Irma has to watch asher best friend succumbs to the pressure to perform, losing herself in the nightlife. Piece Of My Heart tells the story of exceptional talent, but above allthat of an ultimate friendship

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / Dutch / 100 minutes
Original title
Piece of My Heart
directed by
director of photography
screenplay by
Roos Ouwehand (MI VIDA)
produced by
Topkapi Films in co-production with Triangle Film, NTR broadcast, Eyeworks
  • Elaine Meijerink
  • Roos Englebert
  • Katelijne Damen (GIRL)
  • Peter Paul Muller