How To Please A Woman

by Renée Webster

A more-than-funny liberation story for women who have been afraid to ask for what they want – at home, at work and in the bedroom.

When her ocean-loving friends arrange for a stripper to visit her home as a birthday surprise, 50-year-old Gina asks him to do what no-one else will do for her – to clean her house. While watching him cleaning, a part of Gina awakens… and the seed of an idea takes hold. Gina decides to convert a team of well-built movers into house cleaners. Finally, she is the boss she never thought she could be. But, as her business booms, her clientele demandssomething more – sex or, better yet, pleasure. As they navigate the unique joys and struggles of maintaining such a business, a journey begins for Gina and her team, including her foodie manager Steve. Ultimately, Gina learns to look out for her own happiness and pleasure, and to follow her own appetite for life and all it offers.

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / English / 107 minutes
Original title
How To Please A Woman
directed by
Renée Webster
director of photography
Ben Nott
screenplay by
Renée Webster
produced by
Such Feisty Dames Pty Ltd
  • Sally Phillips (BRIDGET JONES DIARY 1, 2 & 3, VEEP)
  • Alexander England (ALIEN: COVENANT)
  • Caroline Brazier (THREE SUMMERS, RAKE)
  • Roz Hammond (HARROW, THE HEIGHTS)

Press Quotes

"An instant comedy classic that delights as much as it moves."
The Curb