Tuesday Club

by Annika Appelin

A sudden change forces Karin to re-evaluate her life. With the help of friends, food and passion she refuses to accept that life has an expiration date and takes the second chance she is given.

Karin and Sten are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary with a huge bash. While their friends toast to their happiness, Karin discovers that Sten has been unfaithful. Karin has spent her life taking care of her husband and their daughter and now everything is shattered into pieces. An old friend talks her into joining a cooking class led by Henrik, a renowned chef. In the hot kitchen, among spices, amazing food, old and new friends, more than one of Karin's long lost passions are reborn. Suddenly she finds herself in a position where she has to reevaluate her life and the choices she has made. Should she give up her comfortable life to pursue her dreams and passions? And is it too late for love?

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / Swedish / 102 minutes
Original title
directed by
Annika Appelin
director of photography
Andreas Wessberg
screenplay by
Anna Fredriksson
produced by
Anagram Sweden AB in co-production withFilm i Väst, SF Studios, TV4
  • Marie Richardson (DAYBREAK, EVIL, EYES WIDE SHUT)
  • Peter Storemare (FARGO, MINORITY REPORT)
  • Ida Engvoll (A MAN CALLED OVE)
  • Björn Kjellman (WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT)