by Florian Dietrich

How far will two friends go to stop one of them from being deported?

Matured through two years in prison, Babtou is looking forward to a new beginning with his buddy Dennis. A free man in a free world! But of all things, his welcome party where all the boys from the block are gathered ends in a police operation. Babtou has his hands cuffed again and is confronted with dramatic news. He will soon to be deported to his “home country” of Senegal. To prevent a deportation, Babtou and Dennis are willing to do anything.

Genre / Language
Comedy / German
Original title
directed by
Florian Dietrich
screenplay by
Florian DietrichArne Dechow
produced by
Schiwago Film
  • Farba Dieng
  • Julius Nitschkoff (THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COUPLE)
  • Valerie Koch (ALL MY LOVING )
  • Michael Maertens (FACK JU GÖTHE 2&3, FINSTERWORLD)