It's Just a Phase, Honey

by Florian Gallenberger

Based on the bestselling book. From the director and the producer of Colonia and John Rabe.

Paul and Emilia are 40-somethings, who have always been held up as the dream couple. Paul was the successful novelist and Emilia an actress in demand for dubbing telenovelas. However, age is gradually catching up with them – thinning hair, eyesight and libido not being what they used to be. Thus, they set out to resist the inevitable by trying to regain their long-lost youth. But that may well mean losing the one thing that they both cherish the most…

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / German / 105 minutes
Original title
Es ist nur eine Phase, Hase
directed by
Florian Gallenberger (JOHN RABE, COLONIA)
director of photography
Christian Rein
screenplay by
Malte WeldingFlorian Gallenberger (JOHN RABE, COLONIA)
produced by
Majestic Filmproduktion, in collaboration with VIAFILM and in co-production with ARD Degeto
  • Christoph Maria Herbst (HOW ABOUT ADOLF?)
  • Christiane Paul (GENERATION WAR)
  • Jürgen Vogel (THE WAVE, THE FREE WILL)

Press Quotes

"The midlife crisis comedy with its high gag density provides fun and excellent entertainment."