Hello Again - A Wedding a Day

by Maggie Peren

“Groundhog Day” meets “My Best Friend's Wedding” in this topsy-turvy romantic comedy, that turns the fairy-tale of finding the one great love upside down.

Zazie lives with her buddies, womanizer Patrick and sweetheart Anton, in a flat share. All three are completely incapable of being in a relationship. Finding true love? No need. Zazie is sure of that. When Philipp, Zazie‘s best friend from childhood, sends an invitation to his wedding, it gets stuck in the overflowing mailbox for months. When Zazi finally gets the invite, she is shocked to find out that Philipp's wedding is planned for the next day and that he wants to marry stuck-up and vicious Franziska. Franziska is definitely the wrong girl for Philipp! Zazie decides to do everything she can to save him from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / German / 95 minutes
Original title
Hello Again - Ein Tag für immer
directed by
Maggie Peren
director of photography
Marc Achenbach
screenplay by
Maggie Peren
produced by
Sommerhaus Filmproduktion in co-production with Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany
  • Alicia von Rittberg (BALLON, FURY)
  • Edin Hasanovic (YOU ARE WANTED)
  • Samuel Schneider (EXIT MARRAKECH)

Press Quotes

"Charming, intelligent, and cleverly funny."