The Immortal

by Marco D'Amore

The thrilling cinematic spin-off from “Gomorrah”, the Italian hit crime series.

Having been shot in the chest by his only real friend Genny, Ciro sinks down into the dark waters of the Gulf of Naples. As he drifts towards the depths, memories float upwards. Faint sounds find their way through the cold embrace of the water – muffled screams of panic! It's 1980. A devastating earthquake sends buildings crashing down. Yet from underneath the rubble, the cry of a newborn baby emerges. It is none other than Ciro di Marzio. From that day on, he will be known as “The Immortal”. Years later, Ciro survives even that fateful gunshot. What they say is true: no one and nothing can kill the Immortal. From his past as an orphan to his present-day Baltic exile, from his first petty thefts to all-out gang warfare: Ciro confronts head-on whatever comes his way, in a world in which immortality is just another form of damnation.

Genre / Language / Length
Crime / Italian / 116 minutes
Original title
directed by
Marco D'Amore (A QUIET LIFE)
director of photography
Guido Michelotti
screenplay by
Leonardo FasoliMaddalena RavagliMarco d'AmoreFrancesco GhiaccioGiulia Forgione
produced by
Cattleya with Vision Distribution in collaboration with Sky, Timvision and Beta Film
  • Marco D'Amore (A QUIET LIFE)
  • Giuseppe Aiello
  • Salvatore D'Onofrio
  • Marianna Robustelli
  • Martina Attanasio
  • Gennaro Di Colandrea

Press Quotes

"Spectacular, epic and full of twists and turns."

"A bold bet won. A film made with extreme care."