Blessed Benefit

by Mahmoud Al Massad

Ahmad gets tangled up in an unfortunate business deal that lands him in prison. But life in prison might not be that bad.

Ahmad, a construction worker, is arrested for using a client's down payment to help his cousin in a deal involving 10 brand-new laptops and the hopes to make a small profit from it.Due to customs procedures, the imported laptops are not released in time. Unable to do the job or pay the money back, Ahmad is sentenced to three months in prison for fraud.Far from all the obligations of the outside world, where food and drink are not a worry, where new friendships are struck, and where no cell phones are ringing, Ahmad gradually feels something that he's never felt before – liberty. Halfway through his sentence his biggest worry becomes losing this liberty after his release and, above all, having to deal with a bigger debt…

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / Arabic / 83 minutes
Original title
Inshallah Estafadit
directed by
Mahmoud Al Massad
produced by
Twenty Twenty Vision, Jo Image, Habbekrats, Isee Film
  • Ahmad Thaher
  • Maher Khammash
  • Odai Hijazi
  • Mahmoud Al Massad

Press Quotes

An accomplished and likable comedy

Al Massad keeps the narrative trajectory off-kilter, allowing Blessed Benefit to be diagnostic while avoiding prescriptivism. Frequently hilarious!