Wendy - The Movie

by Dagmar Seume

A team above all – giving you the wings you need

12-year-old Wendy doesn't care too much for her parents' decision to spend all of summer break at her grandmother's run-down horse ranch. Ever since grandpa died, grandma is singlehandedly running the ranch which has its direct competitor in the large, modern stable owned by Ulrike. After Wendy has had a severe riding accident, she would refuse to get back into the saddle – even though she used to be quite enthusiastic for and successful at competitive horseback riding. Yet as soon as she arrives, she meets the invalid horse Dixie, which just escaped from the butcher. Dixie seems to be quite fond of Wendy and follows her wherever she goes. The two loners are building a friendship which has the potential to forever change not only Wendy's life but also could save grandma's ranch from being sold. But for how long will Wendy be able to hide Dixie from the adults?

Genre / Language / Length
Teens / German / 90 minutes
Original title
Wendy - Film, Der
directed by
Dagmar Seume
produced by
Bantry Bay Productions in co-production with Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion
  • Jule Hermann
  • Jasmin Gerat
  • Benjamin Sadler (SIDE EFFECTS)
  • Maren Kroymann
  • Nadeshda Brennicke