Three Chinamen with a double Bass

by Klaus Krämer

True Friendship, Sex and Body Sculpture

What do you do when you wake up next to a corpse and can't remember anything? Get rid of it of course! This simple and hare-brained idea occurs to Paul, momma's boy, big-city neurotic and aspiring architect, when he finds his girlfriend Gabi dead in their apartment after a wild night on the town. Did they fight last night? Was sex involved? Will his drinking companions, his colleague Rike or his best friend Max, give him an alibi?But the most important question is: how, in god's name, can you get rid of a corpse when someone is always sitting in the kitchen?

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / German / 80 minutes
Original title
Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass
directed by
Klaus Krämer
produced by
Hermann Florian, ndF:.Funded by Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film, FFA
  • Boris Aljinovic
  • JUERGEN Tarrach
  • Claudia Michelsen (MACK THE KNIFE, THE TOWER)
  • Ilja Richter
  • Edgar Selge (POLL, THE EXPERIMENT)
  • Carola Regnier