The Farewell Party

by Sharon MaymonTal Granit

A bunch of geezers at an old-age house construct a self-euthanasia device to assist their dying friend end his life in dignity.

Yehezkel, age 75, living in a Jerusalem retirement home, decides to fulfill his terminally ill best friend Max's wish to die in peace. Despite the objections of his wife Levana, Yehezkel and Max's wife Yana enlist the help of Dr. Daniel, a veterinarian, and retired police officer Raffi Segal to help them with their mission. At the moment of truth when the group realize that none of them is willing to “pull the trigger”, Yehezkel builds a machine for self- euthanasia.But after Max is gone, rumors about the machine begin to spread, and the group receives more pleas for help. Meanwhile Yehezkel refuses to face the reality of his wife's deteriorating dementia. As Yehezkel navigates between new requests for the machine, and Levana's growing dependency, boundaries begin to blur, and the moral dilemmas the group face become impossible to bear.

Genre / Language / Length
Comedy / Hebrew / 93 minutes
Original title
Mita Tova
directed by
Sharon MaymonTal Granit (THE FAREWELL PARTY)
produced by
2-Team Productions and Pie Films,Twenty-Twenty Vision Filmproduktion and United King Films
  • Ze'ev Revach
  • Levana Finkelstein
  • Aliza Rozen
  • Ilan Dar
  • Rafi Tavor

Press Quotes

"A comedy about dying sounds like a contradiction in terms, but in this case, the contradiction works."

"A poignant, provocative dramedy…boasting a dream cast, a finely honed visual sense and superbly ironic comic timing and dialogue…"

“Anyone will be moved by this tender, unexpectedly charming tale… an original work of gentle militancy.”

"A compassionate but never mawkish comedy"

"A courageous film…"

Selected Festivals & Awards

Toronto International Film Festival