Au revoir Taipei

by Arvin Chen

A lovesick young man wants to leave Taipei in hopes of getting to Paris, but over the course of one extraordinary night, finds the excitement and romance he was longing for is already there.

The never-ending bustle of life in Taipei has become meaningless to Kai since his girlfriend left for Paris. Brokenhearted, he spends his days working at his parents' noodle restaurant and his nights trying to learn French at the local bookstore. It's there that he meets Susie, a sweet but lonely girl who takes an unusual interest in him. Kai, however, can only think about getting to Paris - he's convinced himself that he'll never find happiness or love again if he's stuck in Taipei.When Brother Bao, a shady neighborhood gangster and real estate magnate, offers to help Kai get to Paris, he immediately agrees. But Brother Bao's help comes with strings attached - Kai must pick up a mysterious delivery for him on the same night that he's set to leave for Paris. Unfortunately there are others after the delivery, including a group of aspiring gangsters who kidnap Kai's best friend, and an emotionally unstable police detective with his own romantic issues. In the middle of all the chaos, Kai runs into Susie, and soon they are pulled together into the enchanting world of nighttime Taipei, with its vibrant nightmarkets, twisting alleyways, abandoned temples, lively karaoke bars, and love hotels. Running, scooting, and even dancing through the city over the course of this one night, Kai and Susie gradually begin to fall in love. In fact it seems as if everyone around them is also suffering from some form of lovesickness, as Taipei itself comes alive with romance. By the early morning, Kai must make a final decision about whether or not to go to Paris, and realizes that there maybe no need to say “Au revoir…”

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / Taiwanese / 85 minutes
Original title
Au revoir Taipei
directed by
Arvin Chen
produced by
Atom Cinema and greenskyfilms production
  • Jack Yao
  • Amber Kuo
  • Joseph Chang
  • Lawrence Ko

Press Quotes

“A perky urban dramedy that makes one smile from ear to ear.”

“A well-crafted romancer that could build sufficient traction as an audience-pleaser…”