November Child

by Christian Schwochow

Critically acclaimed drama of a young woman finding out about her own biography in the formerly two Germanies.

Inga grows up in a small village in Eastern Germany. According to her grandparents, her mother Anne perished by drowning in the Baltic. One day Robert, a professor for literature, turns up in Malchow where Inga now lives, and claims that he met Anne a few years previously in Constance. Inga's world comes crashing down when she realizes that Robert is right. Apparently, the whole village knew about Anne's flight to the West. But what did really happen at that time? Inga meets only with silence, denial, and a sense of guilt. Why did her mother leave her behind in the GDR? Inga begs Robert to help her in her search for Anne.While they are hunting for clues all over Germany, it becomes more and more obvious, that Robert's sudden appearance in Inga's life was no coincidence.

Genre / Language / Length
Drama / German / 98 minutes
Original title
directed by
Christian Schwochow (THE CROWN, BAD BANKS)
produced by
Sommerhaus Filmproduktion in coproduction with SWR, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, CinePlus and Filmemacher Produktion
  • Anna Maria Mühe (NSU GERMAN HISTORY X)
  • Ulrich Matthes (DOWNFALL)
  • Christine Schorn
  • Hermann Beyer

Press Quotes

"A knockout lead performance by young actress Anna Maria Mühe... daughter of the late Ulrich Mühe
"The Lives of Others"

... a smartly layered script...a richly rewarding family drama with a difference"