The Kangaroo Chronicles by Dani Levy

93 minutes
Dimitrij Schaad
Rosalie Thomass (FUKUSHIMA, MON AMOUR)
Henry Hübchen (GO FOR ZUCKER!)
Directed by:
Dani Levy (GO FOR ZUCKER!)
Produced by:
X-Filme Creative Pool in collaboration with ZDF, Trixter and ARRI media
Based on the bestselling book “The Kangaroo Chronicles”. When a communist Kangaroo rings Marc-Uwe's doorbell one day, asking for eggs to make pancakes, he doesn't suspect that this is only the beginning of his life turning upside down.

Marc-Uwe, is a struggling musician living in a run-down flat in Berlin-Kreuzberg. One day, the doorbell rings and he stands face to face with a talking Kangaroo. Being a staunch communist, the Kangaroo doesn't believe in private ownership and without further ado decides to move in with Marc-Uwe. From now on, the Kangaroo begins to reign over Marc-Uwe's life, challenging him with philosophical questions and getting them both into all sorts of trouble. Despite their differences, Marc-Uwe and the Kangaroo ultimately unite in a struggle against their common enemy: an insufferable right-wing politician and investor, who wants to build the headquarters for his far-right populist party right next to Marc-Uwe's apartment building. So together with their neighbors, Marc-Uwe and the Kangaroo choose to resist and fight.