The Bike Thief by Matt Chambers

English, Romanian
90 minutes
Alec Secareanu (GOD'S OWN COUNTRY)
Anamaria Marinca (3 MONTH, 3 WEEKS, 2 DAYS)
Directed by:
Matt Chambers
Produced by:
Ugly Duckling Films and Ellipsis Pictures, in association with Twickenham Studios
After a delivery driver's moped is stolen, he must find it before he loses everything else.

To the Rider his moped is everything. As a pizza delivery driver it is his livelihood. As a breadline straddling, immigrant father it is his family's anchor. It takes his wife to work. It gets his daughter to school. So when one night the moped is stolen, the Rider is forced into action.

He has 24 hours until his next shift begins to find the bike - or a replacement. If he fails he won't just lose his job, he will lose it all. Over the course of the next day and night, we follow the Rider's pursuit. He first attempts to seek help from the few faces he might be able to call on in this unfamiliar, disorientating city. But as time grows short and options become thin, the Rider's moral compass begins to crack under the weight of his desire to save his family.