Two Men In Suits by Josef Bierbichler

Drama , History, Literature
128 minutes
Josef Bierbichler (THE WHITE RIBBON)
Martina Gedeck (THE LIVES OF OTHERS)
Simon Donatz
Irm Hermann
Directed by:
Josef Bierbichler (THE WHITE RIBBON)
Produced by:
X Filme Creative Pool Entertainment in co-production with BR, WDR, Arte, Lucky Bird Pictures, Arri Media and X Verleih
One Century - One Family - Three Generations.
A Bavarian "THE WHITE RIBBON" meets Edgar Reitz' "HOME FROM HOME".

Bavaria, summer of 1984. The day of mother's funeral. The reception is over, the guests have left. An embittered father and his estranged son are staying behind. The two have never been particularly close. Still, the father decides that it's time to tell his son the whole story – all of the memories, all of the experiences, his entire life. The son responds with his own version of the events and together they bring their individual and shared moments back to life; the history of a family throughout one century, spanning three generations. Inspired by his own family, Josef Bierbichler's adaptation of his novel portrays around 100 years of cross-generational German history and tells a very personal story within a universal context.

“A fi lm that moves you, touches you and becomes unforgettable.”

“Bavarian avant garde cinema in the most rebellious and wonderous way.”

“Josef Bierbichler owns the big stage.”