What Will People Say by Iram Haq

Drama ,
Norwegian, Urdu
106 minutes
Maria Mozhdah
Adil Hussain (LIFE OF PI)
Nawabi Estanegzai
Directed by:
Iram Haq (I AM YOURS)
Produced by:
Mer Film in co-production with Rohfilm Factory and Zentropa Sweden
An emotional and topical story about love, social control and a young girl finding her own way between Norway and Pakistan.

Fifteen-year-old Nisha lives a double life. At home in Oslo, she obeys the traditions and values of Pakistani family life, but outside with her friends she is just like any other Norwegian teenager. One day, Nisha's two worlds brutally collide when her father catches her in bed with her white, Norwegian boyfriend.
Nisha is kidnapped by her parents and sent to live in Pakistan. At first, Nisha feels alone and afraid in the strange, new land, but then slowly, she starts to discover her parents' culture in a new way.


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Worldwide sales for Beta Cinema’s TIFF-entry WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY

On the heels of its world premiere in the prestigious Platform Competition at Toronto, Beta Cinema has secured numerous sales for Iram Haq's critically acclaimed WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY and is looking to close remaining territories at the AFM...

Beta Cinema acquires TIFF Platform-title WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY

Ahead of the Toronto International Film Festival, Beta Cinema picks up official selection entry WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY by Norwegian-Pakistani writer/director Iram Haq...

“The kinetically shot film brims with authenticity and immediacy and benefits from a deeply sympathetic turn from sublime discovery Maria Mozhdah as the lead.”

“Provocative, emotionally charged material is handled with a maturity and confidence that makes it accessible to a broad international audience.”

“An assured piece of storytelling made all the more gripping by the knowledge that it is autobiographical.”

“The smartly filmed drama is subtly emotional and surprising at every turn.”