1992 by Giuseppe Gagliardi and Gianluca Jodice

52 minutes
Stefano Accorsi
Guido Caprino
Domenico Diele
Tea Falco
Miriam Leone
Alessandro Roja
Directed by:
Giuseppe Gagliardi
Gianluca Jodice (II. Unit)
Produced by:
Sky Italia, Wildside in collaboration with La 7
History has not been written yet.

As a major criminal investigation tries to stem the flow of corruption, Italy is poised on the brink of collapse. This rapid-fire fictional but reality-inspired story catapults us to Italy in 1992, where "Clean Hands" were often anything but, and "Bribesville" promised a good life to all who followed the rules. A sexy, gripping bio-pic whose authenticity is heightened by archival material.

Milan, February 1992. An icy wind sweeps through the offices of Italy's entrepreneurs. The year of the "Mani Pulite" (Clean Hands) has begun, a major criminal investigation set up by the Milan District Attorney. Its aim is to put an end to "Tangentopoli" (Bribesville). Leonardo Notte is the pivotal point in this intricate power-play, a slick, brilliant advertising man who believes only in himself, and who'll be in the front row when a new savior steps into the arena.

The biggest fish caught so far is Michele Mainaghi, a mighty Milanese entrepreneur whose pharmaceutical firm sold tainted blood that infected many innocent citizens. This is how Luca Pastore contracted AIDS. The young cop, part of the Mani Pulite team led by Antonio di Pietro, now seeks revenge. The married man Mainaghi has another problem: his ravishingly beautiful mistress Veronica, who wants a career on national TV. After he falls out of grace, she falls back on her one-time lover Leonardo Notte, who is haunted by a secret from his past.

In this simmering cauldron of corruption, one apparently upright person is on the rise, Pietro Bosco, a Gulf War veteran, a solid mass of rough-hewn man endowed less with brains than with brawn: he leaps into a fight and saves the life of a man who turns out to be one of the leaders of the new party Lega Nord. Before anyone notices, Pietro becomes the Lega Nord's poster-boy for bravery and a candidate for Parliament. Not only that: the beautiful Veronica believes he could be useful to boost her TV career, but falls in love with him, and the two begin planning a life together. But this togetherness has a price, and Pietro has to betray his friends and his convictions if he wants to continue his political career and, most of all, build a family with Veronica.

Set in the midst of the political turmoil at the beginning of the 90s in Italy, which led to the collapse of the First Republic and the operation "Mani Pulite" (clean hands).

The new Sky Italia drama series after the tremendous international success of GOMORRAH - THE SERIES.

AFERIM! and ZURICH complete Beta Cinema’s Berlin line-up

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"exciting piece of work"
"colorful story, strong acting"

"sexy drama centered on the bribery investigations of the 1990s"

"gritty thriller series"

"edgy Italian political thriller"

"Historical events and fictitious storylines are excitingly interwoven"

"It seems like “House of Cards” But It's “Clean Hands” Italy"

""Bribesville" unveiled (and free of ideology)"

"A hard-hitting fresco of an age"

"A masterclass in long-form storytelling”

“One of the smartest dramas to come out of Europe in years"

"Seldom a country is brave enough to look in the mirror, like in this case”

"Italian political drama is the new Nordic Noir”

"It's a mix of styles that's bewildering and unsettling but mesmerising too.”

“Espléndida serie”