Almanya by Yasemin Samdereli

Comedy, Melodrama ,
101 minutes
Vedat Erincin
Lilay Huser
Demet Gül
Aylin Tezel
Denis Moschitto
Directed by:
Yasemin Samdereli
Produced by:
Roxy Film in co-production with Infafilm
A Turkish family that has been living in Germany for three generations sets off on a turbulent journey to their homeland.

“Who or what am I really: German or Turkish?” This is what six-year-old Cenk Yilmaz asks himself when neither his Turkish nor his German schoolmates choose him for their football team. To cheer him up a little, his 22-year-old cousin Canan tells him the story of her grandfather Hüseyin, who came to Germany in the early 1960s as a “guest worker” and later fetched his wife and children so they could be in “Almanya” with him. Much time has elapsed since then, and Germany has long since become the family's home.

One evening, during a big family gathering, Hüseyin surprises his loved ones with the news that he has bought a house in Turkey and wants to take everyone back “home” with him. But what is home? Where is it really? Although all family members struggle with this question their own way, Hüseyin refuses to take no for an answer and so they have no choice but to set off for Turkey. It's the beginning of a journey full of memories, arguments and reconciliations – until the family outing takes an unexpected turn...

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Winner of 2 German Film Awards (Silver Lola for Best Film and Best Script)




“A warm-hearted, nostalgia-tinged crowd-pleaser and also a manipulative, irresistible tear-jerker.” (SCREEN)

“A delightful and charming comedy about the differences between east and west - and what can happen, if the two should meet.” (THR)