Goethe! by Philipp Stölzl

Romantic Drama
102 minutes
Alexander Fehling (LABYRINTH OF LIES)
Burghart Klaußner (THE WHITE RIBBON)
Henry Hübchen (GO FOR ZUCKER!)
Directed by:
Produced by:
Warner Bros. Enterteinment, Seven Pictures, Erfttal Film, Goldkind Filmproduktion, herbX film, magnolia Filmproduktion, CC Medien and Summerstorm Entertainment
A fresh take on the early years of Germany's most famous literary genius and rebel, in the vein of “Shakespeare in Love” and “Amadeus”.

Germany, 1772 - the young and boisterous Johann Goethe is sent by his father to a sleepy little town to mend his ways after failing his law exams. At first, he tries to do his best at the Supreme Court and even convinces his superior Kestner. But then Lotte enters his life and nothing is the same as before after they fall in love. However, Johann is unaware that Lotte is in fact already engaged to Kestner...

The dramatic and unfulfilled love between the young poet and Lotte was the template for Goethe's masterpiece "The Sorrows of Young Werther".

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“Goethe!” sold to the U.S. and Japan

BETA CINEMA takes on world sales for Philipp Stölz's “GOETHE !”.
Munich-based sales company BETA CINEMA has taken on international rights to “North Face” director Philipp Stölz's next feature film “GOETHE !”...

4 nominations at this year’s German Film Awards (Including Best Film and Best Actor)

Official selection PALM SPRINGS

Official selection MIAMI

Official selection SEATTLE

Official selection SHANGHAI

Official selection TOKYO

Official selection PHILADELPHIA

Official selection PLUS CAMERAIMAGE


“3.5 Stars! An unexpected treat! Its mixture of lightness and romantic gravity has been cleverly judged. You needn't know a thing about Goethe or his works to enjoy the picture. “Young Goethe in Love" wants only to engage an audience with a capital-R Romantic ideal of Goethe's first love. It does so very well. (Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune)

"Young Goethe in Love" is A DELIGHT.... A film with BOUNDLESS ENERGY. I imagine Goethe himself, an uber-romantic, would ENJOY IT IMMENSELY.” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)

“Philipp Stölzl (North Face) dusts off the myth and glides between poetry and truth in his entertaining costume film. He does not fulfill some stuffy pedagogical mission, but clearly aims at a language hovering between old-fashioned and cool, with incisive dialogues, peppy music and fiery emotional outpourings. The cast is impeccable.” (BLICKPUNKT FILM)

Rarely has a German poet burst into our theaters with a cooler, manlier and sexier appeal than Alexander Fehling as the young Goethe. With lots of Sturm and Drang, director Philipp Stoelzl lets his hero fight for the woman he loves. Refreshingly witty and charming. (DER SPIEGEL)

Rousingly narrated and acted. (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

Amazingly fresh... outstandingly acted (KulturSPIEGEL)

Light-footed, passionate … a film full of poetry (Leipziger Internet Zeitung)

Must absolutely be seen. Stoelzl makes feelings visible. He shows us how paths cross, he is direct yet aware of what is between the lines. His Goethe is so appealing that you find yourself wishing for a sequel... (Monster and Critics)

Goethe! awakens our curiosity and is a boisterous biopic for all generations (freiepresse.de)

Director Philipp Stoelzl has thoroughly dusted off a German classic. … his film is tragic and comic, combines poetry and truth, historical costumes and modern-day language into a wildly romantic adventure about the sorrows of young Goethe (CINEMA)

The early years of an engagingly confused genius. Never was Goethe cooler… the uninhibited joy of acting as well as a fresh dramaturgy give us the urge to discover the protected monument and patron saint of German literature anew. (Programmkino.de)