A Woman In Berlin by Max Färberböck

Drama ,
2007 /2008
German, Russian
127 minutes
Sandra Hueller (TONI ERDMANN)
Juliane Köhler (TWO LIVES)
Directed by:
Max Färberböck
Produced by:
Constantin Film in co-production with Tempus Film
A true story of survival during the Russian occupation...

HER husband Gerd has gone with the rest of the soldiers; only a few pockets of German resistance remain in Berlin. Joining the other desperate women, children and elderly as they flee through the bombed-out city attempting to hide from the Russian soldiers, she fears the brutality to come - the Germans had done the same in every village on their march to Moscow.

Without shelter to protect the women, and the rapes begin. Fueled by humiliation, horror and despair, she and the others still attempt to flee or fight - but there is no escape. The jeering Russians take the women on the spot, wherever they find them.

After several such attacks, numb and empty, she makes a strong pledge to herself - they can use me, but they won't break me, they won't touch my soul. She decides that from now on, it will be her choice - not theirs. Determined to seek protection and to survive, she offers herself to Andrej, the battalion commander, who unlike the soldiers he commands, is intelligent, sophisticated and polite.

She is given a room in a widow's huge apartment where Andrej has respectfully set up headquarters. Guarded by his soldiers and supplied with the best of food and wine, the apartment is a safe haven from the random violence outside. Although she submits to him, he treats her with warmth and respect. She still holds Gerd in her heart, but Andrej's gentle kindness melts her tough, protective shell and to her own surprising, she falls for the Russian commander...

When Andrej gets transferred out of Berlin, they sadly part, knowing theirs to be an impossible love. When Gerd returns, she hands him this diary with the hope that he can understand all that she has endured. But he rejects her. What now? Having survived the horrors of war, she knows that she must simply go on living...

Screen International: Strand Finds “Woman In Berlin”
Strand Releasing has acquired all US rights to Max Faerberboeck's "A Woman In Berlin" from Beta Cinema.

Screen International: "A Woman In Berlin" wins top prizes at Santa Barbara
Max Farberbock's second world war survival tale A Woman In Berlin was named best international film at the 24th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival

"Powerful ! Intelligent ! Impressive !" (A.O. Scott THE NEW YORK TIMES)

"An unforgettable film !." (K. Turan LOS ANGELES TIMES)

"Captivating and emotionally resonating with a powerfully raw performance by Nina Hoss." (NYC Movie Guru)